About Fundation

The "Serce Szkole" Foundation was founded by a notary deed in 1990 and entered into the court register in Warsaw, and then to the National Court Register. The Foundation operates on the basis of the Act on Foundations of April 6, 1984, as amended. The founders' founders are scientists, teachers and lawyers.

The "School Heart" Foundation is an educational foundation and its statutory goal is a wide didactic and training activity, supporting people of science, exceptionally talented individuals, all progressive thought and harmonious human development in society.

The main activity of the Foundation is to run schools at all educational stages. From the beginning of its activity, the Foundation ran the following schools:

- Private Primary School,
- Private High School,
- Private Economic High School,
- Private Economic High School for Adults,
- Private Junior High School.

It is no coincidence that the patron of schools is an outstanding scholar Maria Skłodowska-Curie, whose scientific and friendly character symbolizes the system of schools: "learning with people for people". Teamwork, shaping civic qualities, development through learning is the guiding principle of schools. Operation based on professionalism, progress and civic awareness.